11/12/2020 Alt77, Track review , 'Clever Trevor: Ruthless Cosmopolitans and Credit Electric release new singles'

Ruthless Cosmopolitans – Gawd Hates FLaGS

I was searching for a political anthem to help me get through the electoral season and the many sleepless nights it provoked. There were plenty of songs on offer, sure. We get inundated with them. And let me tell you… they are made by very nice people. But, just like the hippies, their good intentions do little to solve any problem.

Now, I came upon Ruthless Cosmopolitans and thought I was in for a Faith No More inspired knocking-around. Instead, I found my political anthem of choice. “Gawd Hates FLaGS/I hate to break it to you/Gawd Hates FLaGS/What has a flag ever done for you”.

It’s clever, cynical, and, as far as modern songs go, extremely quotable. Sure, it’s likely to warm as many hearts as the Renewed Fiscal Code. So, this November, as the world dazes back into a political slumber for four more years, let us rejoice in the unfashionable act of supporting Ruthless Cosmopolitans who just made an excellent single.